Wrinkles occur through the following  reasons and also vary by site and depth:
1) NATURAL INTRINSIC AGEING – This contribution to overall ageing is very slight (15-20%). From the age of 20 we start to lose collagen, which provides skin firmness, at a rate of 15 per year. We also lose elastin which provides elasticity and rebound to the skin, as well as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which provide skin hydration.
2) EXTERNAL FACTORS: SUN / TOBACCO USE / POLLUTION /STRESS / DIET / SLEEP – We are largely in control of these factors and can take steps to minimize /avoid their effects.
3) OUR NATURAL MUSCLE STRENGTH – the strength of our muscles used in facial expression can contribute to creating deep ingrained lines at rest over time.
Cosmetic procedures to soften or correct wrinkles can be divided into 4 groups:
  1. Relaxation of superficial facial muscles – this involves Botulinum Toxin (wrinkle reducing injections)
  2. Filling depressions to elevate them and bring hydration to the skin – this involves Skin BoostersDermal Filler injections or Profhilo
  3. Changing the nature of collagen using active ingredients or procedures that stimulate collagenesis: Vitamin A (retinol/retinoid) topical creams, Sunekos/MesotherapyChemical PeelsMicroneedling, ultrasound, low powered radiofrequency.
  4. Surgical removal of excess skin.

Dr Priya Shah will carry out a full consultation to include a thorough medical history and wrinkle assessment. She will then determine which treatments are best suited to assist your concerns and provide you with full information to include more details of the treatments advised, estimated time frames and costs for treatments. You will be given time to consider your options and you may always contact Dr Shah, should you require any further information.
The anti-wrinkle treatments offered by Dr Priya Shah include:

Dr Priya Shah will also advise on a suitable home care regime to ensure you are using active products which will further help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and provide overall skin rejuvenation.