Dermaplaning is like having a Red Carpet facial treatment. It works to remove the top 2-3 layers of dead skin cells as well as Vellus hairs(known as “peach fuzz”) revealing an immediate radiant clean youthful glow as well as allowing active anti-ageing products to penetrate into the skin more easily as well as allow makeup to be applied more easily..

Q) How does Dermaplaning work?
A) Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliating treatment which removes the top 2-3 layers of dead skin cells, oil and peach fuzz using a sterile surgical scalpel

Q) What happens during treatment?
A) Firstly the skin is thoroughly cleansed with ‘Snow Cleanser’ – you will actually hear the bubbles pop as the cleanser lifts the grease and grime out of the skin. The skin is then buffed gently with a sterile surgical scalpel- this is a pain-free procedure and takes 15-20mins. A collagen mask can then be applied to the skin to give it a real boost

Q) Is there any downtime with Dermaplaning
A) No

Q) How often should I have this treatment?
A) You can either choose to have the treatment as a one off to prepare for an event. To maintain the results you should have it monthly.

Q) Are there any special precautions I should take before and after treatment?
A) Stop use of any active skincare products e.g. retinol one week before treatment.
Do not use any active skincare products unless advised to do so for 3 days after treatment.
Also ensure you apply sunscreen daily to protect the newly revealed underlying skin.
Avoid makeup for 24 hours.
Avoid touching the area.
Change pillowcases and wash makeup brushes on the day of treatment.
Dryness can occur after the treatment – this s normal and you can use a moisturiser – the dryness will subside in a few days.
You can experience blemishes. These are underlying spots that surface sooner due to the deep exfoliation.

Q) Can Dermaplaning be combined with other treatments?
A) This is an excellent treatment to combine with microneedling and chemical peels to accelerate and enhance results further

Q) Will my hair grow back thicker?
A) Only the soft peach fuzz hairs are removed and they do not grow back any thicker. For thicker hairs it is advised to thread them out before the Dermaplaning session