As we age, the lower jaw ‘shrinks’ and we lose projection and definition of the chin. When we are young, the jaw line from ear to chin is smooth. As we age, many people experience jowls that occur on the jaw line directly below the outside corners of their mouth, from the sagging down of lower cheek skin and tissue. These indentations, or notches, interrupt the smoothness of the jaw line and can give it a shape that looks a little bit like an “S”. This also has a knock-on effect to the skin of the neck area. Fortunately, if the sagging is mild to moderate, non-surgical treatments such as dermal filler injections can correct this problem easily.
An appropriately pronounced chin, plays an important part in the composition of one’s profile and is very much perceived as a sign of beauty. Bone and tissue degeneration through ageing, however, is not always the sole factor in an underdeveloped chin, and can simply be something you are born with and is very common amongst both men and women. Administering dermal filler to the chin can harmonise the profile tailoring it in a feminine, or masculine way. Volume can be added to the chin to increase the projection of the chin, to make the chin longer or to balance out any asymmetries. This in turn adds volume to skin that may be sagging or lax, as a result of ageing.
Treatments starting from £199.